Spain World leaders in Renewable Energy

Renewable energy has grown substantially in Spain, for example in one part of Spain the tiny island of El Hierro is nearing its goal to be powered by 100 % wind and water.

Spain receives the vast majority of its electricity from carbon free zero emissions sources with most of the renewable electricity being generated from wind. Spain has long been a world leader in renewable energy and recently it became the first country in the world to have wind as its top source of energy for an entire year.

A further source of renewable energy comes from nuclear. The two sources, wind and nuclear, often compete for the title of Spain’s top electricity generation source overall with wind coming out top. In 2015, from January to March,according to Red Electrica de Espana (REE),wind generated 23.7 % of electricity whilst nuclear made up 22.7 percent.

Also, Spain is developing alternative renewable sources of energy, particularly PV power systems. Currently solar accounts for approximately 3% of electricity generation making this industry one of the largest in the world.

Spain´s aggressive goals to be world leaders in renewable energy have led to heavy government subsidies which in turn has resulted in economic distress, with a debt of around €26 billion. As a consequence, with subsidies forced to be slashed, the race for world domination in renewable energy has slowed but Spain still has a goal to use wind power to supply 40% of its electricity consumption by 2020.